Front-End Developer

I always keep it simple. My primary goal is to focus on content and conveying the message that you want to send.


Hi, I'm Kevin Duarte. I am a Front-End Developer in Albuquerque, New Mexico. I like to code things from scratch and focus on crafting clean & user‑friendly experiences.
I've done remote work for small business including web design / developing and setting up Google Analytics Tracking to their website at a affordable price. I'm quietly confident and constantly working on improving my design and developer skills one project at a time.

My Vision

I stand for quality, affordable web design tailored to the customer and suitable for all present-day media.
Using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, I build fast and interactive websites. This also may include integrating a CMS like WordPress.
Figures show that half of your visitors will visit your website via smartphone or tablet. I make sure that your website also looks great via these media. iPhone or Android, smartphone or tablet, older model or newest model.
I will test your website extensively, so that your visitors enjoy an optimal web experience.

Recent Work

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